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By on March 22nd, 2019

You feel the most at ease at the comforts of your home. You can relax, unwind, and simply just be yourself. It’s the reason why most people can’t wait to go home after a long day at work or school when they can rest their tired and aching mind and bodies. The last thing you want to do is to still clean up after your mess and catch up on the many household chores you left this morning. It’s why it’s better to plan for the needed home improvement projects in your house so that everything has a place and the overall space looks pleasant in the eyes.

Others are afraid to embark on these projects, though, thinking you need to spend a lot of cash once the renovations have started. Well, there is definitely some money involved but you need not always hire a pro to get things done for you. A little help can go a long way but many of these home improvements can be done by you alone or with the help of the experts. Just as long as you have the necessary tools and a little know-how on what should be done (it helps to search things up on the web too, to give you an idea of what you need to do) in order to beautify your home and improve your living space. Let’s start outside with summer fast approaching. You’ll likely be spending more time outdoors so a little landscaping here and there won’t hurt.

Summer is one of the best times to focus on outdoor home improvement projects that deliver the greatest return on your investment.

“While there are many renovation options available to homeowners, not all are created equal,” explains Brad Johnstone, broker of record for the Royal LePage Niagara Real Estate Centre. “Some improvements help bolster your property’s resale value more than others, so before you invest your time and money, be sure the project will pay off in the long run.”

In order to receive the best bang for your buck, Johnstone recommends these three outdoor improvement tips:

Build a deck or patio

A new deck or patio is a great way to add a focal point to any backyard. Not only do these structures add to a property’s visual appeal, but they also provide homeowners with the means to enjoy their outdoor living space to the fullest. During the summer months, a patio is a great place to entertain guests, barbecue, and enjoy leisure time with friends and family. Whatever your motivation, a deck or patio will encourage you to get out and enjoy the summer, all while adding a healthy amount to your property’s bottom line.

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By improving your home’s façade, you also boost its value in the market especially when the time comes that you intend to sell your property. More importantly, it makes your outdoor living space more visually appealing without really spending a fortune in doing so. After all, who wouldn’t want to stay in a home that is beautiful both inside and out? The following tips will come in handy if you plan on doing the fixing yourself.

Measure thrice, cut once
It’s the oldest tip in the book when it comes to renovation and it’s every bit as important as you think it is to make sure you have the right measurements before you start up that power saw. In fairness, the rule is typically, “Measure twice.” But let’s face it: Some of us need a little more assurance.
Buy more materials than you actually need
It can be incredibly tempting to buy only what you think you need when it comes to flooring materials, backsplash tile, or wall coverings, in an effort to save money. But problems can arise for a variety of reasons and soon you don’t have enough materials to finish the job. You can always order more, but now you’re behind schedule. And, you may run into additional problems with your flooring if the new pieces don’t precisely match the existing ones because they’re not from the same batch. That’s why experts recommend that when you purchase your materials, you add 20% to the actual measurements.
Invest in some quality tools
You’re an adult now. You can have a real hammer and a drill and a pair of needle nose pliers. If you’re just setting out on your own or it’s time to do a little tool upgrade, This Old House has some good tips for what tools to buy.

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Whether your home is fairly new or already decades old, it won’t hurt to give it a little boost and some tender loving care. Almost all homeowners actually have that desire to fix a little something here and a little over there especially every time the season changes. It can be anywhere from a major remodeling or a minor repair. And when you take the time to check your home to see what else can be improved, you’d also be able to spot areas that need fixing before they become major repairs that will likely cost you a lot of money. Other times, though, it can be an extensive landscaping job that requires the cutting of trees. For that, you’d need the help of professional tree cutters so you don’t make a big mess outdoors. Your goal is to beautify your space and not make things worse.

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